Shop Like a Chef (cover)

The Joy of Grocery Shopping.

Shop Like a Chef:
A Food Lover’s Guide to
St. Louis Neighborhoods

A new book by Chef Clara Moore and St. Louis food and beverage writer Matt Sorrell that helps you…

  • Find exactly the ingredient you’re looking for with its index of over 1,000 items!
  • Learn new foods, recipes, and skills.
  • Eat better.
  • Save money.
  • Support a range of local businesses and farmers.
  • Feel like a pro in St. Louis’s gourmet and specialty shops.
  • Feel at ease in the region’s ethnic grocery stores.
  • Go on international adventures in your own city.
  • In short: expand your culinary horizons in all directions!
  • And even: change the way you and St. Louis shop, cook, and eat!


The shop (then cook and eat) local, seasonal, ethnic, and independent Guide to St. Louis.

Moore and Sorrell start with a simple idea: Tell home cooks where to go to get the ingredients and equipment they need or want. But then they layer inspiration onto the bounty of information, nudging you outside of your normal food gathering habits to explore the rich market culture of the St. Louis region—to make grocery shopping exciting again, to make the unfamiliar more accessible, and to get you into the kitchen and cooking with new zest.

Keep a copy of this book wherever you’re most likely to need it…in the kitchen, in the glove box, or at the front door, ready for your next adventure.

They’ve made it easy for you to customize Shop Like a Chef, creating your very own culinary field guide, road map, or scrapbook for St. Louis as you shop.